Specialty Tax Services in the Real Estate Industry

Singh and Associates specializes in the real estate industry and provides a multitude of specialty tax services.

Section 1031 Exchange Planning and Execution

Our firm has over 25 years of experience with all aspects of Section 1031 Exchange planning and execution. We are highly familiar with all stages and aspects of an Exchange. Our firm helps clients with feasibility studies for a possible Exchange, and we analyze equity and debt numbers relating to the Exchange. We also assist clients in calculating any boot caused by non-Exchange expenses paid out of Escrow. We handle complex situations in which some partners in a partnership opt out of an Exchange as well.

Assisting Clients with Cost-Segregation Studies

Singh and Associates is highly experienced and familiar with cost-segregation studies. We will assist in locating the right company to conduct the study, analyze the benefits of the study and the disposition strategy for the property in order to optimize benefits to our client, and provide other forms of assistance as well.

Tenant in Common (TIC) Structures

While Tenant in Common (TIC) structures can be quite complex at times, Singh and Associates is highly experienced and familiar with all aspects of TIC structures. We routinely help clients with developing TIC structures involving multiple entities, and we analyze feasibility studies regarding the TIC, especially when some entities are contributing monies from an Exchange. We also help clients set-up the books for TICs and provide all other forms of assistance regarding such structures.

Other Specialty Tax Services Related to Real Estate

  • Structuring Real Estate acquisitions and dispositions
  • Tax projections
  • Valuations
  • Cash flow projections
  • Entity choice consulting
  • Ownership restructuring
  • Financing alternatives
  • Property repositioning strategies
  • Capital gains planning techniques
  • Passive activity rules planning
  • Net investment income tax planning
  • Property tax mitigation and planning

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